Upcoming Webinar:  Decoding Chiropractic Records and Handwritten Notes

Time: Thursday, 27 October 2022 @ 5:307:00 pm Pacific time

Location: Zoom Virtual Meeting

Passcode: 376272

Here’s what the webinar is about:

The speaker, Jim Myers, DC is an experienced chiropractor and independent medical evaluator, long time secretary of WAIME, and a board member of the International Academy of Independent Medical Evaluators.

Reading chiropractic records can be easy if they are typewritten, and not very time consuming if consisting of “cookie cutter” chart notes wherein little changes from one entry to the next apart from the date. However handwritten chiropractic notes with multiple abbreviations can be difficult if not impossible to decipher, sometimes even for a chiropractor.

Medical doctors in particular struggle, e.g., with abbreviations and diagrams documenting Gonstead listings. Dr. Myers has kindly offered help us out, providing a modern day Rosetta Stone to decipher the “chiroglyphics.”

I think you will find Dr Meyer’s presentation very valuable and hope you can attend. To join the Zoom meeting click on this link and use the passcode below:

Suggestions for topics and or speakers are always welcome. Keep in mind that given our use of Zoom the speaker does not need to be local. Hope you enjoy the last remaining days of summer.

Charles N. Brooks MD, President