Certification – CMLE®

The Certified MedicoLegal Evaluator (CMLE®) distinguishes the Examiner’s commitment to excellence in the evaluation of disease and injury causation. CMLE® certification demonstrates proficiency in the ethics, performance, and communication of the Medicolegal Evaluation.

Knowledge in the following areas is tested:

• Evidence-based principles of causation analysis
• Causation analysis for common musculoskeletal and behavioral conditions
• Aspects unique to the forensic history and physical examination
• The impact of behavioral and social factors on disease and injury occurrence, recovery, impairment, and return to work
• Work ability, return to work and return to duty
• Effective communication, including report-writing in neutral and informative language
• The examination is available with an emphasis on either general medical and musculoskeletal conditions (MD, DO, DC) or behavioral and psychiatric conditions (MD, Ph. D, Psy.D.)

The CMLE® certification is available to licensed physicians, psychologists, and chiropractors involved in the forensic evaluation of injured or sick persons. A core-curriculum study guide is available from IAIME.

The CMLE® certification is valid for five years. CMLE® holders demonstrate their continuing expertise by recertifying every five years. Recertification includes educational videos and an online quiz.

CMLE® Exam*

CMLE® Recertification*


* Includes 1 exam and 2 retests, certificate, membership database update

CEDIR Certification

CEDIR Certification was offered until 2018 when it was replaced by the Certified MedicoLegal Evaluator (CMLE®) Certification.  CEDIR holders can maintain active certification by taking CMLE® Recertification Exam (see table above). Access to the CMLE® Recertification Exam has been extended until 1/1/2023.

CMLE® Certification AMA Guides Add-On

IAIME also offers an AMA Guides (5th and 6th Edition) add-on to those taking the CMLE® Certification exam with an additional brief exam. This add-on is available for each additional AMA Guides Edition that an individual desires. The 5th and 6th Edition AMA Guides are available to assist you in meeting your State’s requirement for recertification on the AMA Guides…..and earn CME credits too! Please note there is an additional fee for each AMA Guides Edition added.

AMA Guides 5th Edition Add-On

AMA Guides 6th Edition Add-On