Committee Volunteers

Each IAIME Committee has a different responsibility all aimed at helping the Society pursue its mission to advance the science, prevention, evaluation, and management of disability.

Committee Members typically serve for 2 years. In the last quarter of the calendar year IAIME members at all career levels are solicited to volunteer for their preferred committee.

Examination and Certification Committee

Primarily focused on CMLE Exam

  • Integrity of the Certification Exam
  • Validation of New Questions for the Exam
  • Provide New Questions for the Exam
  • Oversee Scoring of Exam
  • Report Fellows who have passed Exam

Education Committee

Primarily focused on the formal Educational Meetings

  • Mid-Year Program Committee
  • Annual Meeting Program Committee
  • Other CME Meetings

Website Committee

Ensure that the Academy’s website effectively:

  • Promotes the mission of IAIME, and
  • Provides access to the assets of the Academy to the members

Review and define changes to the website as needed to ensure content organization, functionality and relevance (timeliness).

Membership Committee

Primarily focused on promoting the value of membership and fellowship.

  • Make recommendation for initial and renewal criteria for fellowship
  • Recruitment of new members
  • Membership categories

Provide outreach to conference attendees, prospects, members and fellows.

Community Advisory Board (CAB) – IAIME Connect

Primarily focused on promoting IAIME Connect as collaboration tool for member engagement.

Participates in journal club-like activities.