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IAIME & L&I Extra Videos for CME

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Perspectives on Pain in the Workplace

Yngvild Olsen, MD, SAMSHA

Dr. Olsen will discuss perspectives on pain in the workplace. Some key points she will discuss are:

        • Environmental context for substance use disorders and the workplace
        • Substance use disorder policy changes that impact the workplace
        • SAMHSA’s role in implementing these policy changes

Safe & Effective Alleviation of Pain

David Ring, MD, PhD

Dr. Ring will discuss will discuss how physicians and front line care providers can help injured workers by changing the way they think about pain alleviation and patient recovery Some key points of this session include:

        • How to view alleviation of pain from the perspective of the injured person
        • How to look at causes of reported injuries & rethink the diagnosis
        • How mental health issues affect recovery

Marijuana in the Workplace

Jennifer Melamed, MBChB, FIAIME

Dr. Melamed will discuss marijuana in the workplace. Some key points she will discuss are:

        • The difference between recreational and medical use of marijuana
        • The negative health consequences related to marijuana in the workplace
        • The most up-to-date evidence for biological testing of marijuana in the workplace

Interventional Pain in the Context of Medicolegal Evaluations

Yuri Tsirulnikov, DO, FIAIME

Dr. Tsirulnikov will discuss interventional pain treatment in the context of medicolegal evaluations. Some key points of this session include:

        • Different techniques of epidural steroid injections
        • Facet anatomy and facet joint injections
        • Radio-frequency ablation techniques

Spine Nomenclature

Diana Kraemer, MD, FIAIME

Dr. Kraemer will discuss spinal nomenclature and how physicians can better diagnose and more accurately assess spinal issues. Some key points of this discussion are:

        • The difference between disc protrusion and extrusion
        • The differences between disk sequestration and bulging disk and disk degeneration
        • Factors that can affect diagnosis


Objective Findings in the Physical Examination

Mark Ross, MD, FIAIME

Dr. Ross will discuss objective findings in the physical examination. Some key points of this session include:

        • The difference between subjective and objective physical findings
        • Validity limitations of various examination techniques
        • The specificity and sensitivity of examination testing

Bias in “Independent” Medical Evaluations

Garson Caruso, MD

Dr. Caruso will discuss various forms of bias. Some key points he will discuss are:

        • How language, including terms like applicant or claimant, may affect the report’s objectivity
        • The potential for bias when working for either the plaintiff or defense
        • The importance of evaluating the quality of scientific evidence

The Shoulder and Workers’ Compensation

Ed McFarland, MD, FAAOS

Dr. McFarland will discuss shoulder conditions in workers’ compensation. Some key points of this session include:

        • History and examination for shoulder complaints
        • Timing and indications of imaging
        • Causation: age-related changes vs. traumatic findings

Risk Factors for Substance Abuse

Daniel Bruns, Psy.D

Dr. Bruns will discuss risk factors for substance abuse. Some key points of this session include:

        • Medical treatment guidelines about scientific evidence for psychological testing
        • Psychosocial variables known to be associated with poor medical treatment outcomes
        • The differences between a treatment outcome measure and a psychological diagnostic screening measure