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This year we had a tremendous turnout at our Mid-Year Conference as we held two days of presentations and interactive virtual discussions and panels designed to help our members
hone their skills through practical applications, case studies and the latest techniques presented in 15 sessions. We also welcomed many practitioners who are new to Independent Medical Evaluations with industry experts and veterans answering questions and providing invaluable insights that can help you grow your professional practice.

In case you missed the live event, you can still get access to all of the insights shared though expert presentations, panel discussions, Q+A sessions and all of the speaker slides. Just scroll down to see everything that you’ll get as a part of this training course. 

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IAIME designates this virtual activity for a maximum of 15.0 AMA PRA Category I CreditsTM. Physicians should only claim the amount of credit commensurate with the extent of their participation in these activities.


Michael Weiser, JD- Weiser Consulting

Session 1: It’s All About the Money

It’s All About the Money! Presenter: Michael Weiser, JD- Weiser Consulting

Michael Weiser is  a workers’ compensation analyst specializing in Medical Legal reporting.
He has experience working with applicant’s law firms, defense law firms and also six years as an analyst for Exam Works, a medical-legal company,  working closely with physicians of all disciplines in the composition of their reports.

Michael supports physicians in creating reports that accurately document the substantial medical evidence needed to support a causation analysis.


In this presentation, Dr. Weiser discusses how money is involved in the administration of Worker’s Compensation Claims. He will discuss the different SPECIES of money that are available to the injured worker and how, after receiving your report, compensation benefits are issued to workers and how essential your report is to making sure that injured worker’s can claim benefits. He’ll also cover:
  • How to make your reports easier to write and understand
  • Discover how to make sure your report communicates clearly and persuasively
  • Learn how to prevent your report from being returned for clarification
  • How to understand the claims process and use timelines so you can effectively assist patients and better respond to the needs of the injured worker.

David Ring, MD, PhD

Session 2: Safe and Effective Alleviation of Pain

Presenter: David Ring, MD, PhD Dell Medical School, The University of Texas at Austin

Presenter Bio:

David Ring, MD PhD is Associate Dean for Comprehensive Care, Professor of Surgery and Perioperative Care, and Courtesy Professor of Psychiatry and also of Health Social Work at Dell Medical School.  Trained as a hand and orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Ring’s extensive research, patient care, and quality and patient safety leadership contributed to an understanding of and a passion for the ways that mindset and circumstances affect human illness.  Getting people interested in innovative ways to get and stay healthy depends on effective communication strategies that establish trust and make healthy habits appealing.  Dr. Ring’s current work focuses on ways to use existing knowledge, diverse expertise, and innovative applications of technology to help people choose healthy options consistent with their values.

In this presentation, Dr. Ring talks about how physicians and front line care providers
can help injured workers by changing the way they think about pain alleviation and patient 
  • How to view alleviation of pain from the perspective and mindset of the injured worker.
  • How to rethink diagnosis by looking at the different factors that can cause people to report injuries.
  • Understand how mental health factors can affect recovery time and evaluation of a worker’s injury.
  • How depression can affect pain intensity and treatment options. 
  • How care providers can become better communicators and more empathic to help patients heal and alleviate pain

Speaker Slides Available


Session 3: Workplace Risk Factors for Delayed Recovery

Presenter: Les Kertay, PhD, ABPP, FIAIME, CMLE Behavioral Health, Past-President IAIME

Presenter Bio:

Les Kertay, Ph.D., ABPP is a licensed and board-certified clinical psychologist with expertise in evidence-based treatment, assessment, and medicolegal applications of behavioral health including disability evaluation and workers’ compensation. He is currently SVP of Behavioral Health at Axiom Medical, LLC and is an Adjunct Professor at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. He is also published and has presented extensively on the application of behavioral health in impairment compensation systems. He has presented to IAIME on several occasions, and is currently IAIME’s Immediate Past President.

In this informative presentation by Dr Les Kertay, you will learn:

  • Principles behind return to work
  • Risk factors for delayed and failed recovery
  • How to consider workplace risk factors when providing evaluation and treatment for injured workers and individuals who may have disability related to the workplace.
  • Why the bio medical model has limited applicability when talking about delayed return to work and recovery options. 

Speaker Slides Available



Lorena Payne, PT, MPA, OCS

Michelle Despres, PT, CEAS II, REAS, CETS

Session 4: Physical Therapy Evaluation and Treatment in the Workers’ Compensation Population

Presenters: Wanda Evans, PT, DPT, MHS, American Physical Therapy Association Lorena Payne, PT, MPA, OCS, Independent Contractor Michelle Despres, PT, CEAS II, REAS, CETS, One Call

In this presentation, Wanda Evans, Lorena Payne and Michelle Despres will give you an overview
and the overall thought process behind the physical therapist evaluation as well as 
information gathered during the development of the clinical practice guideline for physical therapy 
services for occupational medicine. Finally they will bring it all together discussing different settings
and present a psychological informed approach for physical therapy services. 
They will show you how to:
  • Gain a better understanding of the value of information identified during provision of physical therapy services
  • Describe evidence based practice in the delivery of physical therapy services
  • Understand physical therapist roles in occupational medicine
  • Identify best practices in collaborating with physical therapists
  • Digest bio/psychological/social barriers and facilitators to improvement of physical performance

Speaker Slides Available

  Presenter Bio’s:

Wanda K. Evans, a physical therapist currently serves as a Senior Specialist in the Health Policy & Payment Department at the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA). Her responsibilities include communicating with members and insurers on physical therapy related payment inquiries regarding third-party, billing, CPT coding and payment policies in physical therapy. 

Lorena Pettet Payne, a physical therapist, works with individuals and groups to achieve and maintain the ability to participate in meaningful activity. Lorena assists employers and workers with the goal of minimizing risk on the jobsite while promoting healthy work habits in diverse settings. 

Lorena is co-author of the clinical practice guideline published in the Journal of Orthopedic Physical Therapy. (Clinical Guidance to Optimize Work Participation After Injury or Illness: The Role of Physical Therapists J Orthop Sports Phys Ther. 2021;51(8):CPG1-CPG102. doi:10.2519/jospt.2021.0303) 

Michelle, a physical therapist encourages empowerment of injured workers to embrace a collaborative role in their recovery with innovative physical therapy. Michelle mentors clinicians to improve delivery of treatments and services and return-to-work results. She promotes injury prevention with programs including ergonomics, post-offer employment testing, and employee wellness. 

She provides continuing education, has spoken at national conferences and has a broadcast media presence including multiple appearances on Good Morning America. 

Daniel Bugbee, Esq

Session 5: Attorney’s Perspective on IMEs

Presenter: Daniel Bugbee, Esq – DBS Law

In this presentation, Dan Bugbee will give his perspective as an attorney and advisor to the medical community and IMEs. He frequently represents expert witnesses when they get into challenging situations and need assistance. 
  • Know when you need to bring in your own advisor as part of your practice when you encounter different situations as an expert witness.
  •  Understand the roles of the Attorney, Examiner, Panels, Judge and Jury during litigation and the different interests of the people you may interact with. 
  • How to develop relationships with legal advisors to help you deal with challenging situations
  • The types of legal questions you should ask when performing an IME
  • How to best assist as a expert to the defense council

Speaker Slides Available

Gary Pushkin, MD, (ORS), FIAIME, CMLE

Session 6: Upper Extremity Complicated Cases

Presenter: Gary Pushkin, MD, (ORS), FIAIME, CMLE Orthopaedic Surgeon

In this training, Dr Gary Pushkin reviews how to determine impairment in the upper extremity and define diagnoses in all of it’s primary categories and classes as well as give you practical examples.
He’ll also review:
  • The steps in determining impairment and impairment classes
  • The Principles of assessment related to diagnosis
  • How to assess grave modifiers or non key factors
  • Steps for Calculating an IR
  • Understanding functional history of the upper extremity

Speaker Slides Available

Diana Kraemer, MD, FAANS, FIAIME, CMLE

Session 7: Spine Nomenclature: Practical Application for the IME

Presenter: Diana Kraemer, MD, FAANS, FIAIME, CMLE Diana Kraemer MD, PLLC, President-Elect IAIME

In this training session, Dr. Diana Kraemer will present on the many aspects of spinal nomenclature and how physicians can better diagnose and more accurately assess spinal issues during their evaluations.
  • The Difference between Disc protrusion and extrusion and why it’s so important for physicians and psychologists so they can better understand lower back pain and chronic pain.
  • The differences between disk sequestration and bulging disk 
  • Imaging the spine and how to use various tools and methods to get an accurate diagnosis.
  • Disk degeneration and the factors that can affect diagnosis. 

Speaker Slides Available


Diana Kraemer, MD, FAANS, FIAIME, CMLE

Session 8: Pathway to Fellowship

Presenter: Diana Kraemer, MD, FAANS, FIAIME, CMLE Diana Kraemer MD, PLLC, President-Elect IAIME

In this video, Diana Kraemer shares her experiences with IAIME(formerly AADEP) and how the association evolved into it’s current role in helping mentor Medical Evaluators and improving their reports and resolving cases more quickly.



Session 9: Catastrophic Injury: Life Care Planning

Presenter: Garson Caruso, MD, MPH, CLCP, CMLE, FACOEM, FIAIME Johns Hopkins University Division of Occupational Medicine

In this presentation, Dr Garson Caruso will give you an overview of Life Care Planning for Medical Evaluators so you can better care for and meet the needs of your patients with catastrophic injuries and severe chronic medical conditions.
In this training you will learn:
  • What is Life Care Planning including roles and objectives for the IME professional
  • The Life Care Planning Process
  • Case Study illustrating applications and the Effectiveness of LCP
  • The Opportunities for involvement by advanced health care practitioners – including chiropracters, nurse practitioners. physicians and psychologists as consultants, expert witnesses and planners. 
  • How to train and get certified as a Life Care Planner

Presenter Bio: 

Caruso is a board-certified occupational physician in consulting practice in central Pennsylvania

He completed his undergraduate education at Temple University School of Medicine and the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, and residency training at the Mercy Hospital of Pittsburgh and the University of Pennsylvania, and was certified as a Medicolegal Evaluator and Life Care Planner in 2021

He performs medical direction in workers compensation and short-term disability, and complex file and case review; provides clinical oversight of onsite worker health and wellness clinics; and serves as an expert witness in occupational medicine, life expectancy determination, and life care planning

He is a Fellow of ACOEM and IAIME and a member of the IAIME Board of Directors in the 2022 to 2025 term

Speaker Slides Available


Session 10: Chiropractic Records and Their Content

Presenter: Jim Myers, DC, FIAIME, CMLE Myers Chiropractic Services

In this presentation, Dr Jim Myers will give you an overview on chiropractic care and share how he writes his reports when reviewing chiropractic records.
You will learn:
  • A Brief History of Chiropractic care
  • Science of Manual Manipulation 
  • Chiropractic Law
  • A Summary of Chiropractic Guidlines
  • Chiropractic Records Lessons Learned

Speaker Slides Available



Session 11: Report Writing and Causation Analysis: Practical Examples

Presenter: Fabrice Czarnecki, MD, MA, MPH, FACOEM, FAAFP, FIAIME, CMLE, President IAIME Chief Medical Officer, Transportation Security Administration

In this presentation, Dr Fabrice Czarnecki will share with you how he writes his reports for causation analysis and some of the lessons he has learned serving as a medical evaluator including:
  • The Six Step method to determine the work-relatedness of a disease.  
  • The importance of having a source or set of critera you’re going to use in your analysis.
  • How to use research data to help establish your criteria
  • How to evaluate evidence when looking at cohort studies
  • Methods to better help determine causation
Speaker Slides Available




Session 12: Report Writing: Panel Discussion

Presenter: Fabrice Czarnecki, MD, MA, MPH, FACOEM, FAAFP, FIAIME, CMLE, President IAIME; Charles Xeller, MD, FIAIME; Chris Brigham, MD, MMS, FACOEM, FIAIME, CIME, CMLE

In this panel discussion on report writing, Dr. Fabice Czarnecki, Chris Brigham and Charles Xeller
share what they’ve learned about report writing and how you can improve the quality of your reports.

Charles Xeller, MD, FIAIME

Session 13: Deposition Skills: It’s Your Time to Shine!

Presenter: Charles Xeller, MD, FIAIME MES Solutions, Past-President IAIME

In this lecture, Dr. Charles Xeller will give you a introduction to basic deposition skills and share his
insights on providing the best advice and information as an expert during a deposition.
You’ll discover:
  • Your main role and function in the depostion
  • Basic points of depositions and the most important principles
  • The true goal of the deposition
  • The best way to communicate and explain medical terms to lay audiences including jurors, judges and attorneys.
  • How to deal with question traps during the deposition

Speaker Slides Available

Diana Kraemer, MD, FAANS, FIAIME

Session 14: Complicated Spine Case Studies and Discussion

Presenter: Diana Kraemer, MD, FAANS, FIAIME, CMLE Diana Kraemer MD, PLLC, President-Elect IAIME

In this lecture, Dr Kraemer discusses complicated spine cases primarily involving Disc Protrusion
vs Disc Extrusion.

Speaker Slides Available



Session 15: Using Web-based Resources to Enhance Quality and Efficiency of Evaluation

Presenter: Chris Brigham, MD, MMS, FACOEM, FIAIME, CIME, CMLE, Brigham and Associates

In this lecture, Dr Chris Brigham will share how to web based tools to enhance the quality, efficiency
profitability and success of your practice.  
You will learn:
  • How web based tools and other technologies can dramatically enhance the success of your medicolegal and/or IME practice.
  • How to identify at least five resources that will have a significant impact on your practice, boost performance and help you make more money.
  • The five keys to your success when providing high quality medicolegal services 
  • How to create a high quality report
  • Report examples and templates based on Dr. Brigham’s report creation process.

Speaker Slides Available

Presenter Bio: 

Christopher R. Brigham, MD is a thought leader on human potential and dis/ability whose goal is to have all of us, including those who are injured and ill, experience joyful and productive lives. He is Editor of the AMA Guides Newsletter and Casebook, and Senior Contributing Editor for the AMA Guides to the Evaluation of Permanent Impairment, Sixth Edition. Chris has written nearly 300 peer-reviewed articles, spoken at over 350 events, consulted extensively in the United States and internationally, and skilled in the use of web-based technologies, focusing on virtual learning systems.